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Arnold Law Office, LLC
401 East Tenth Avenue,
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Eugene, Oregon 97401
Phone: 541-249-2512

Who Are the Best Attorneys in Eugene, Oregon for Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, and Family Law?

Jacy Arnold is rated one of the best Oregon attorneys under age of 40.

Finding a lawyer in Oregon, is very difficult. There are over a thousand attorneys in Eugene alone, all with varying degrees of trial experience, fees, and likeability. Many people start looking for a lawyer in the Yellow Pages or by googling "Best attorney in Eugene for criminal law" or "family law" or whatever practice area they are looking for. Traditionally, the best way to find a top rated attorney in Eugene was to ask another attorney who doesn't practice in that area who they think is the best. Also, ask other people who have had a similar legal issue who they would recommend. Then, cross check that with your online research to see if they would be the right fit for you and your issue.

Questions to Ask a Potential Oregon Attorney

When looking for the attorney with the best fit for your needs, you need to vet them with questions. Don't just settle for the first lawyer who answers their own phone. Remember that a successful litigator, who is actually trying cases before the judges who will hear your case, is in court a lot and can afford a legal staff to answer their phones. Ask their receptionist some key questions. Most competent attorneys will have that information already on their website. If they don't, they are either sloppy, not terribly computer/internet literate, or don't have any solid credentials beyond a flashy website.

  1. How long have you been practicing law?
    Usually this is a good indicator of experience and knowledge, but not always the case. Many older attorneys haven't opened the statute books or looked at case law in years and are not up to date on the crucial changes in the law that could affect your case.
  2. How many trials have you had?
    There are lots of litigators in Oregon but not many trial lawyers. It is 100% impossible to accurately tell you the odds of winning your case if your attorney hasn't been to court enough times to understand trends with the judges or how jurors react to similar cases. If they are simply telling you what they asked someone more experienced, go hire the person they are asking instead.
  3. How many jury trials?
    Remember, lots of bench (judge) trial experience is useful when hiring a family law lawyer but has varying degrees of importance when hiring a criminal defense or personal injury attorney. Trial skills, such as objections and cross-examination, are very transferable from judge trial to jury trial. Bench trials are a great way to keep these tools sharp more frequently. However, jury trials are a whole different world when it comes to picking a jury, developing case theories, and making closing argument.
  4. How many trials have they had over the past year? The past two years?
    Trial skills fade. You have to be trying bench trials often and several jury trials per year to stay competent. Ancient trial experience might as well be never. You have to be in court frequently to keep the skills sharp.
  5. Can you give me examples of similar cases you've handled?
    Although some skills are transferrable between practice areas, others are not. An experienced trial lawyer will be able to articulate relevant war stories in your practice area and relate to you how cases in other practice areas transfer to your case. For example, a criminal defense attorney with lots of experiences in car accident wrongful death cases, might be a good fit for a vehicular homicide case.

    This question is important to make sure that the attorney is not merely dabbling in a new practice area due to the bad economy. This is most often seen with
    criminal defense and business litigation attorneys who dabble in family law when business is slow. This is dangerous as family law is the most heavily malpracticed practice area. The attorney who says, "Oh this is just a divorce," is setting you up for failure and will fall easy prey to an aggressive and experienced family law lawyer.
  6. Do you have any specialized legal training in this particular practice area?
    Never underestimate how attorney CLEs (continuing legal education) classes can raise the bar for attorney competence. Relevant recent courses can set apart an attorney on the current trends in a given practice area.
  7. How large is your firm? Are you a sole practitioner, a misleading "letterhead firm," or do you have a traditional legal team available?
    A sole practitioner without a support team may be too small to handle a big and complex case and a large firm with dozens of lawyers may be too desperate to feed their overhead. Small boutique firms have the best of both worlds: two or more attorneys who can bounce ideas off of each other and be available when the lead attorney might be in court on another case. Remember, the biggest advantage to hiring a trial lawyer is that they are in court a lot. But that's also a disadvantage when you are trying to contact them. However, you don't want the firm so large that you are paying overinflated fees to feed the pyramid scheme that is the large law firm (multiple associates feeding a top-heavy, partner-rich firm) and the expensive trappings that go with that (i.e., fancy offices, expensive views, and excessive staff.).

    However, juxtapose that with the sole practitioner who basically shuts down or goes to crisis mode when they have support staff turnover, a vacation, or a few too many cases. Also, beware of "letterhead firms" that are truly just multiple independent business entities holding themselves out as a firm; they are really just "eat what you kill." They generally share reception and maybe some support staff and are only purporting to be a firm in order to mislead clients into believing that they are getting a multiple-lawyer legal team who jointly shares the risks and rewards of a practice.

At Arnold Law Office, our attorneys treat every case as if it is their only case. They understand how much is at stake for you. We will provide you with the straight-talking legal counsel you need and deserve. A qualified attorney may be your only weapon and shield. Make the best of your attorney choice.

Call us at 541-249-2512 or visit our Arnold Law Office web page.

Managing partner Mike Arnold on what sets Arnold Law Office apart:

Arnold Law Office, LLC, represents clients throughout western, central and southern Oregon including Eugene, Springfield, Corvallis, Medford, Salem, Albany, Creswell, Junction City, Veneta, Glendale, Harrisburg, Brownville, Cottage Grove, Elkton, Sutherlin, Roseburg, Monroe, Lowell, Newport, Winston, Myrtle Creek, Florence, Newport, Oakridge, Klamath Falls, Medford, Ashland, Bend, and other towns in Lane County, Josephine County, Jackson County, Deschutes County, Multnomah County, Washington County, Clackamas County, Linn County, Douglas County, Marion County, Coos County, Lincoln County and Benton County.